Anonymous and Discrete Loans

Anonymous and Discrete Loans

Private finance issues are usually kept private. This may be especially true of loans. Loans have a negative tone and there are few, if any, who wish others to know that they have made the decision to borrow.

The absolute majority of lenders, regardless of the type of loan they are dealing with, ensure the security and integrity of the customers. But, exactly what can be said to be included in terms such as anonymity and discretion? Below we take a closer look at what characterizes anonymous and discreet fast loans.


Secure handling of personal data

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All operators who process personal data through automatic systems are obliged to comply with laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal data. The basic idea of ​​the legislation (including the Personal Data Act) is to protect the privacy of private individuals. This means, for example, that personal data may be retrieved and saved only if it is required for, for example, a contractual relationship to be established. For a lender, this is about social security numbers, an overview of family conditions, housing situation, address and credit information. The lender may not handle any other data.


Encrypted transfer of information

There is no obligation on a lender to provide an encrypted website for the secure transfer of, for example, personal information. However, all serious lenders make sure to arrange encryption via SSL. This makes it practically impossible for an outsider to be able to intercept traffic to and from the site.

Professional secrecy

A lender has no statutory duty of confidentiality, such as that for example doctors and psychologists are bound by. However, it is in the lender's interest to offer discretion, so it can be expected that the lenders' administrators are required to have an informal confidentiality obligation.


Credit information via a player other than UC

Credit information via a player other than UC

UC is the largest player in credit information in Sweden. UC also has the most comprehensive information. This automatically causes the majority of creditors to choose this operator as a business partner for credit information. If a lender turns to UC for a credit check on a potential borrower, the borrower will get a listing on his application in the credit information. It will then appear in all upcoming excerpts. For those who want to keep this information more confidential to creditors, it is wise to choose a lender who does not use UC.


Discrete communication

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The most important issue for many who want to keep their personal financial transactions secret is probably whether the lender can guarantee discrete communication regarding invoices, inquiries, etc. For example, you may want to keep the loan secret for your spouse or partner.

Many lenders today have a completely digital handling of all necessary correspondence. This applies to both a request copy on the credit information as well as promissory notes, invoices and any reminders. Note, however, that inquire copies should actually be sent to the Census Address. However, there is the opportunity to create a digital mailbox through the Kimra service to receive the copy digitally there instead.

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