Don’t miss this summer’s campaign with Message Loans!

Don’t miss this summer’s campaign with Message Loans!

Didn't the summer budget go as you expected? Announcement loans have this summer's best loan offer for fast loans. If you apply for a quick loan of $ 2000 to $ 6500, Message loan extends your repayment period at no extra cost. You do not have to repay the loan until August 30th. This means you will have more time to repay the loan if your budget does not last this summer or something unexpected happens.


Extended repayment period with summer campaign at Message Loans

Extended repayment period with summer campaign at Message Loans

When summer plans do not follow the budget you have, summer can easily feel ruined. Maybe you planned for the sun but the rain was pouring down or suddenly the grill broke? Sometimes things don't happen for you. At these times, quick loans can be an option.

The summer promotion applies to all loans where you choose a part payment and this is done automatically. There is no extra charge and no other fees apply. You have all July to qualify for the promotion. This means that the longer the repayment period you receive, the sooner you apply for a loan.

You can apply for the promotion throughout the month of July.


How much can I borrow in the campaign?

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Message loans have a few but simple requirements in the campaign. It is easy to fulfill these and thus qualify for a longer term. There is no extra charge and no hidden fees will be added.

The minimum amount you can borrow with an extended repayment period is $ 2000. You can apply for up to $ 6500. You also need to choose to repay the loan on a payment. You do not then have to repay the loan until August.

We recommend that you review your financial situation before you borrow. It is never good to borrow over its ability to repay. You should therefore be sure that you can repay the loan within the term. If the repayment is late, the lender can add late fees and in the worst case you can get payment remarks.

Borrow with Message loans today


Fanny has a holiday last week in July and the Swedish summer has only offered rain. He has saved money to be able to do something fun on his holiday but it is not enough to escape the rain. To be able to go to the Mediterranean during his vacation, he needs a supplement in the holiday cash register.

He sees the Summer Campaign at Message Loans where he gets an extended repayment period. It fits perfectly as he knows that he can repay the loan with the next salary. He is therefore applying for a loan of $ 6500 on July 12 to pay for his trip.

Since Fanny has the same bank as Message Loans and applies during their opening hours, he receives the money within 15 minutes of his application being granted. Fanny will receive an invoice due on August 30 of $ 7133.

Since he applied in mid-July, he has more than 1.5 months to pay.


Summary of Summer Campaign

The summer promotion is offered by Message Loans and you are given extra time to repay a loan that meets your criteria.

  • The refund must be made in a refund
  • The loan must be granted during the month of July
  • The loan must be between $ 2000 and $ 6500

If you meet these simple requirements, you will receive a maturity on your loan until 2019-08-30 at no extra cost.

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